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About Us



  • Q. Why does Montrel Living only support homeless Men?

    A: At this time, Montrel Living’s donations only support one location for our men to stay till they get their feet back on the ground. We are setting financial goals this year to allow growth for a second location. This location would be for Females only to ensure safety, quality of assistance and proper support.

  • Q: How many people does your current house support?

    A: Our home has been approved by the city to safely support 8 beds. We do keep two beds available at most times to prevent crowding and allow space for emergencies.

  • Q: Since 2007 has your non-profit turned down a Veteran?

    A: NEVER! Since 2007 the Dallas community has helped us support our local homeless Veteran men. A Veteran always has a warm bed and open hearts with Montrel Living.

  • Q: Where did your name come from?

    A: The founder, Marquette Stevenson has a brother that has mental challenges. Marquette is a Veteran himself and saw the struggles our mentally challenged and Veterans faced with homelessness. The name came from his love for his brother and the passion to provide a loving, warm, safe place for those in need to stay.

  • Q: Does your non-profit provide permanent housing?

    A: Not at this time. With limited funding, our current mission is to provide transitional housing for those who need someone to give them a second chance. There is no time limit for those who stay with us as we feel each person is different in their journey.

  • Q: How do your residents get placed with you?

    A: Every person that stays with us has to be screen prior to entry. They often come from the VA, other non-profits, The Bridge and supporters who keep their ears and hearts open for those in need. Each man has a caseworker, is provided three meals per day, two snacks and regulated in home medicine by our house manager. Our house manager stays on the premise 24/7 and provides daily guidance and support to our men in need.

  • Q: What is your biggest need?

    A: Money ~We are privately funded! No government assistance is provided at this time and we do not take from the residents that stay with us. Montrel Living provides free transportation, free job training, assistance with resume writing, cooking classes, clothing, bedding, toiletries, three meals per day, two snacks and more.

  • Q: How do you currently run such a successful organization?

    A: Currently our team is 100% volunteer. We rely on the community for fundraisers and food drives. The local rotary, Boy Scouts, businesses and elementary schools are huge supporters for on going needs.

  • Q: What struggles does your organization face?

    A: Being privately funded, we do not have the opportunity to have a grant writer on staff, paid support or a van for transporting the residents. The opportunity to have the funds for this support would allow much needed growth for our non-profit.

Have more questions for our team? Contact us directly: Info@MontrelLiving.Org